Trail Planning, Layout, Location, Mapping and Education

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Training and Data Management

Trail Planning: Tax maps, aerial photos, and quads are used to locate preliminary alignment of trails. We also obtain landowner information for consent forms.

Layout: We work with the clubs and landowners to determine the exact location of the trail on the ground.

Location: Professional grade GPS is used to locate trails and point of interest as well as to create an ESRI shape file.

Mapping: ESRI software is used to edit and review the data to assure and control quality to meet the required standards. We can also provide a professional product on various media depicting your trail.

Education: Training is available on the use of recreational grade GPS, quad sheets, and compass for determining you r location on a map. Equipment trains is also available.

You can view our recent presentation at Gander Mountain on the proper use of GPS, compass, and topographical maps. You must have Adobe Reader installed to view the presentation.

Gander Mountain Presentation PDF

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  Do you, or someone you employ, want to be trained on the use of professional grade equipment and software?

Do you have equipment you want to learn how to use properly?

Do you have data that you want to have processed or managed?

Do you have mapping standards that you want reviewed?

If so...Call Us!

We are licensed surveyors. The three of us have a combined professional experience in the surveying and mapping field of about 100 years.

We have been involved with GPS and GIS for much of our professional lives.

We understand quality control and live by it everyday.
We can examine the work of other for quality.

We cover all aspects of a project. From field location to final map, we make sure that the standards you set forth are adhered to.